September 28, 2008

Churros and Ferris Wheels

We spent Saturday night down at Santa Monica Pier. Truman was excited to see the mini carnival of games and rides especially the bright neon lit ferris wheel.

He was even more excited to try his first fried cinnamon and sugar donut, the Churro. Wide eyes and all, he thought it was the best thing since milk:

He quickly learned how to hold the Churro and eat it on his own:

He even let David have a bite:

It's not often I let Truman eat sugary snacks especially at night but he needed to know that there are exceptions to the no-sugar rule. The exception is Churros + carnivals/theme parks go hand-n-hand. You can't have one without the other.

As my children get older I hope they're able to find what thrills them whether it be on top of a ferris wheel or just simply being in Mommy's arms. May they not deprive themselves of yummy opportunities should it present itself at the right time for if God did not want them to have it he would not have created such snacks. So, thank you God for Churros.

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