September 24, 2008

A New Love Life

My good friend who I've know for 10 years just moved to New Jersey for love and a new life...a new love life. I miss her terribly especially her high-pitch, doll-like laugh, her quirky sense of humor, and hearing her endless sagas of one drama series after the other.

What my single gal pal has taught me by moving to the East Coast is to get what you want you have to risk it all and go after be vulnerable and give it your best. I started thinking about what risks I have taken when confronted with fear or hesitation. Perhaps it was when I was pregnant with Truman and thinking how would David and I raise a baby in a small apartment or when we finally bought our first home could we really afford to make the mortgage payment next month? Then it dawned on me that David and I have always risked together for the sake of love and family, to be able to have a fulfilled life without regret or missed opportunities.

Yes, life is about risk and taking chances but more importantly who you choose to share these adventures with. I hope my Jersey gal is happy and passionately in love with her new life.

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