October 21, 2008


It's pumpkin season which means harvest festivals, pumpkin pickings, and countdown to Halloween. I love this time of year when people are cheery and family get togethers are more frequent. We had a fun afternoon at the Farmers Market with the whole family and took a rare photo of the Alex, Chan, and Hui men (Jason was missed):

Then Jackson and Truman had a festive backdrop posing with the scarecrows:

I love spending time with my family catching up on all the weeks worth of gossip. Although I'm the happiest I've ever been being a wife and mother, I sure miss times when my life was simple like when I had more free time to spend with Jade and Felix. I miss having a leisure lunch with Jade at the latest cafe sharing a gourmet salad and sipping ice-teas. Then we'd be off shopping at Century City mall till sun down. I miss watching Raider games and boxing matches with Felix when we used to live together. The time we spent in the apartment was an adventure...our eBay businesses we're taking off, I became self-sufficient from my parents, and I learned valuable life lessons by living right next door to Jeremy Jordan (not the porn star but the actor and singer).
Yes, my life before wifehood and motherhood was quite different. I had a more fashionable wardrobe taking pride in my high heel collection. My hair was always groomed and face made-up. I definitely had an impeccable memory too. I keep the memories of my youth close to my heart and know that the new ones I make everyday are just as special.
Here is a picture of Truman picking one pumpkin from a whole pumpkin patch...that's Truman, always finding the needle in a haystack, being able to identity the "special and unique" among the many others. Now that's a memory worth keeping close to my heart.

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