October 13, 2008

A Rainbow In My Cloud

It's been 5 days since David has been gone and 5 for more days till he comes back. This is the longest time we've ever been apart since meeting 10 years ago. He's in the Colorado Rocky Mountains under the direction of his company learning about team building and leadership strategies.

The days have been long but the nights seem longer. When Truman is napping or engaged in playtime I daze off thinking about how lonely I am and how cold the house feels. It doesn't help with the cold climate whether change either. I started to reflect on how much I appreciate, admire, and respect my husband. The fact that he works so hard to provide for his family so I can stay at home to raise Truman. He's not only a handsome, successful gent who always looks sexy in a suit and tie...
But a rugged landscaper:

A gifted furniture designer (pics of David's one of kind pieces will be posted later):
And a hands-on, amazing father:

The greatest gift he's given me is simply...he loves me. Some would say that our relationship is unhealthy because we are co-dependent on One another. But that's why we got married so we could become One. I love that we can't live without each other. I love spending every minute we can together. And I love that he loves me First.
Maya Angelou's words best describes David to me as, "The rainbow in my cloud". I look forward to Friday at 4:30 pm when my cloud will open up again. As for my children, I wish so much for one day they will find a bright and shining rainbow in their cloud so that they may realize there is no other jackpot than love.

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  1. what a beautiful tribute to a fabulous man and your fabulous relationship!


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