April 16, 2009

Hippity Hop Weekend

The Encino Community Center puts on an Easter Egg Hunt every year and Truman had fun last year so we decided to stop by for some egg hunting. Truman was clingy for most of the morning and wanted me to carry him due to, "Too many people, Mommy."

Here he is with his grim face wondering what's all the big fuss about:

He wouldn't even get his face painted unless I sat down with him and got my face painted first. Even then he only compromised for a painted star print on his hand instead of his cheek:

He finally got into the spirit of Easter by wearing his newly made bunny ears:

And at the end of the day he even made a new friend, Sir Easter Bunny:

We headed to the Alexs the next day for their annual egg hunt & lunch...a more suited environment for Truman, seeing familiar faces of family & friends.

He hung with cousin Jackson most of the day:

Colored paper & eggs:

And even got a big kiss from Gung Gung:

Sadly, we didn't take any pictures of Presley since he slept through most of our hippity hop weekend but David said he did get him on the video cam. Easter 2009 came and went but the memories will last for a while since we have to consume about a dozen colored Easter eggs.

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