June 07, 2009

Romp Bomp A Stomp'in Saturday

Dorothy's Dance Party featuring Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog was a romp-bomp-a-stomp'in good time. Although there wasn't an appearance from the Wiggles, Dorothy and Wags was just enough to give Truman his Wiggles fix for the year. I was sad for a while when I made the decision not to buy tickets for this years upcoming Wiggles concert so what a pleasant surprise when I found out half the crew was going to be at the L.A. Zoo.

As always, Truman said he had a great time even though he sat on my lap through the whole show not wanting to stand or dance and said no to going up front in the mosh pit:

Here's our other yummy lap sitter and a mosh pit hater:

When Truman is at home he loves to sing and show off his dance moves for us. But he becomes very low key when you get him in a public place. Being a dance lover myself, I always imagined I'd have children who'd get excited to dance in public, jump up and down while making hand motions and gestures to their favorite songs. Oh well, Truman can sit on my lap as long as he wants to and I'll try to carry him every time he reaches up for me since one day my lap will be too small to sit on and my arms too weak to carry him...sigh...

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