September 05, 2009

New Generation of Beach Apprentices

Felix being an avid Summer beachgoer, boogie boarder, and surfer, he finally took the nephews to the beach for a lesson of Beach Day 101. Kao Fu started training the new generation of little apprentices on the essential skills of sand and sea fun.

First, the little proteges were taught to make a giant pool:

Then, they mastered the skill of hand printing:

Finally, Kao Fu demonstrated you can get a pony back ride without bringing the ponies:

We spent all day at the beach and Kao Fu was still able to find time for weight training:

That was such a memorable day. Presley stayed home with David while Truman and I ventured over to the beach. While I have my quality time with Presley on Fridays when Truman is at Yeh Yeh's, it was nice to have one on one time with Truman at the beach. I'm not sure what Presley and David did at home during their alone time but probably the same things...ate and slept.

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