October 04, 2011

Epi-curious kids

I've been feeling good about shedding 55 lbs. of baby weight in the last 8 months. All summer I deprived myself of bread, rice, and pasta for the sake of fitting into my skinny jeans. From time to time I cheated and revisited those bad boys because it's just so hard to say no as you will see in the pictures below.

Summer was a time of pursuing great food, junky food, and everything in between...like brunch. What's not to love about having Whip Cream with a side of waffle, peaches, and raspberry sauce in the afternoon?

Or perhaps french toast with berries Tokyo Nouveau style:

We spent many expensive dinners eating the raw stuff:

But did find the cheapest dinner in the world...at Costco:

Although, it amazes me that my sashimi eating kids still like the junky stuff like nachos, hot dogs, and not 100% juice especially with good company:

We even had the most elaborate Labor Day celebration getting our 15 minutes of fame at the Picnic in the Hills L.A. Times Food & Wine the Taste:

Speaking of taste, Portia had her first solids a few months ago starting with rice cereal:

Our waistlines grew an inch overnight when we devoured Persian food, the heaviest, yummiest cuisine at my birthday dinner:

Looking back at these pictures seem like we eat out a lot as if I'm not in the kitchen 90% of the day cooking and cleaning. Well, bye-bye Summer, hello to pumpkin-anything, molasses cookies, turkey and the smell of gingerbread. I will miss my turquoise melamine plates and home cooked meals on the deck.

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