December 11, 2012

Truman's holiday performance

Truman left the house wearing his vans instead of his high tops to be a little more "dressy" for his holiday performance.  David thinks he has my narrow feet which is quite obvious by how far the strap reaches the other side:

Portia was well-behaved in the auditorium and since we're taking feet pics, I love the way she looks in her gold cowboy boots, last year's Christmas present from Ye Mah.  She certainly doesn't have my feet but wide widths like Davids:

The 1st graders put on a cultural performance singing an Israeli and Mexican folk song.  So long are the days of just singing classic Christmas and Hanukkah songs:

I was a proud Mama today.  This was the first time he really moved his mouth, sang every word, and even did an amazing job with his dance routine.  He was the cutest snowflake up there:

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