January 27, 2013

Balboa's 3rd field trip of the year

...was to Union Station. Was I excited? No. Did I want to go? No. Was I going to send him off in someone else's car? No. Truman still sits in a 5 pt. harness convertible car seat. I made the decision to chaperone rather than sit at home and worry myself silly.

Union Station is rich in history and architecture.  Truman is so little against their grand foyer:

Here is a 100+ stairway into the worst calves soreness I've felt in a long time:

Truman and his best buddy admiring the historical bell given to us by China commemorating something, something.  I wasn't paying attention because I was too busy comparing the boys cowlicks:

I loved the lacy, stencil-like banners that strung across the gazebo at Alvera street:

Truman's lined hoodie print against the crosswalk pattern caught my eye:

After 4 hours, we took Union Station by storm (literally) and made it home safely.  I couldn't wait to come home to see David since I knew he was home.  Thank you to you for watching our other 2 babies and working from home so that I could tirelessly help chaperone 23 kids:

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