April 05, 2013

My new obsession

...gardening.  I've been defeated many times by scorching hot weather and hungry garden pests.  It's different this year.  I just needed a little help from my friends.  Trying to get the boys excited about gardening is not an easy task.  You have to say yes to things like letting them stay in their jammies to help plant seeds:

Turning empty laundry detergent bottles into DIY watering cans offered a recycled kind of water play.  This idea looked more fancy on Pinterest:

Although, triple action watering impressed Portia:

The broccoli and cauliflower seeds are sprouting.  Still waiting on the tomatoes, basil, chives, and parsley to say hello:

I've dragged them to Home Depot 10x this month.  On this trip, I couldn't resist 2/$1.00 on the dusty millers:

The kids wanted to take home the palm tree but I told them it wasn't tall enough:

The preschool's lesson on planting

and watering wasn't very far from mine except that their planter box is brighter and more cheerful:

This picture was taken after we finished.  I would trade gardening and the backyard any day to be able to sleep on those cheeks.

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