April 01, 2013

Spring is here

Spring puts a smile on my face.  Blooming flowers, warmer weather, and Easter.  I brushed off my jelly's for Jade's annual Easter brunch.  Who doesn't love coral and pink shoes? Painted toes to put a little kick in your step:

And a sea foam green sweater to go with them:

Hot pink pony rides:

Colorful egg filled baskets with hidden chachkies:

A successful egg coloring session that didn't involve stained shirts or a stained dyed table:

You can't have Easter without carrot cake, a great recipe for the picky eater who doesn't like nuts or raisins. French press coffee to go with it plus Bianca's French Macaroons.  We are a fancy family:

I love Easter.  There's nothing better than making memories with David and the kids, spending time with my nephews, catching up with my Dad, Felix, and Jade.  And when everyone leaves, Jade and I can talk about the elephant in the room, "When is Felix going to propose to Bianca?"

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  1. Easter was perfect mostly because we spent it with the Hui's and the Chan's. Thanks for the delicious Carrot Cake. Your blog is so inspiring and makes our life seem "fancy". xoxo


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