April 14, 2013

This week in pictures | April 8-April 14, 2013

Saturday morning called for cinnamon sugar baked donuts:

Our morning walk was dino-mite:

Tuna fish 4-ways.  The kids love options:

A lizard committed suicide in our pool.  Had to wait 5 days for the pool man to come:

The clouds came rolling in on the way to preschool.  Just a teaser on a day which turned out to be 80 degrees:

Nothing screams summer is coming like a barefooted, shirtless, and bloomieless toddler:

Dumplings and noodles.  You can't have one without the other.  We finally found a brand of frozen dumplings Truman likes:

My little helper in the kitchen:

Truman always finds me.  Not even a metal fence can cause vision loss:

Roast chicken that fed the family for 2 days, yay.  Chicken stock that took 2 days, wah.  The matzo ball soup will be worth it:

Handsome even in his shadow:

If I had to choose a last meal, this would be it.  God doesn't want me to be hungry when I get to heaven:

What I learned this week from a grasshopper is do the things you need to do now so that you can do the things you want to do later:


  1. Love this, I have missed too much Hui.

    1. What happened to my once in a blue moon kids?? I miss reading about them!


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