June 04, 2013

Discovery Science Center...Here we came

The drive down to Irvine proved to be worthwhile to experience the Lego Castle Adventure at the Discovery Science Center.  We packed in five hours of stacking, building, catapulting, and sliding and even then the kids didn't want to leave:

There were so many other exhibits to explore but the Dino Quest seemed to be a favorite too, featuring life-size dinosaurs and an electronic interactive quest.  They became research assistants for the day solving a series of missions that took them on a fun scavenger-like hunt:

After only a couple hours I was tired and I let my let's-throw-in-the-towel-from-exhaustion-mantra wander with usual thoughts following..."This is for the kids.  This is creating memories that will last a life time.  These are the moments the kids will cherish." To tell you the truth, David and I checked out after lunch but gathered up the strength to outlast the kids in all the mystery, adventure, and discovery that the science center had to offer.  It was another beautiful day in Growing Up Hui land.

{Thank you to Wendy and Michael who took the boys for an impromptu play date this afternoon which gave me time to blog.  You guys are a Moms best neighbor.}

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