June 13, 2013

Fresh & (not) Easy

You know that summer has officially started when I'm forced to take all three kids to the market.  I have no choice.  David and the kids have to eat.  Luckily, my reserved parking space awaits me at Fresh & Easy:

I make a list and try to stick to it.  Sorry David, there's no soda on this week's list:

Don't give in to end caps - the sugary, high-fructose, bargain items at the ends of each aisle - especially if there called Fun Pops:

I try to avoid the candy section.  This is the oversize end cap that's hard to miss:

While my eyes start wandering at cute finds for just a second: 

The kids broke out in a flash mob:

Too many hands in the checkout here:

Thank you Fresh & Easy for a good time:

Cheerio until next week:

Gave the kids a snack break before going home:

Because they'll be taking the trash cans in today:

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