July 11, 2013

626 Night Market

Head to the 626 Night Market for authentic and traditional Asian street food.  Set up at the front of Paddock Gardens of Santa Anita Park, foodies migrate from booth to booth and food truck to food truck trying different cuisines from all over Asia.  Mixed in with the smokey flavors of lamb skewers or the pungent smell of stinky tofu are games & toys, merchandise, live music, and independent artists.  

It is summer and vendor-hopping on a 90 degree evening makes you thirsty. Try the Iron Man, a mango strawberry slush with mango jelly at Ray Rays. Fat straws required for a brain-freeze-thirst-quenching effect:

Head to Yummy Road for hot and fresh rice noodle rolls splashed with hoisin and sesame sauces, southern China's classic street food. The soft and pillowy sensation in your mouth makes it hard to eat just one. Bamboo skewers required. No forks or spoons here:

Then head to Polar Land where they make oyster omelets on a ginormous skillet, a throwback to Taipei's night market in my summer of 1996:

You experience a Taiwanese explosion in your mouth of crisp greens, oysters, and gooey corn starch all held together by eggs smothered in a ketchup'ish sauce...Yum.  Polar Land stays true to Taiwan's authentic cuisine:

For an old-fashioned treat stop at the Dragons Beard (Whiskers) Candy booth:

where a long, long, long time ago vendors set up stalls in Hong Kong to showcase their craft of sugared spun shaped cocoons filled with peanuts or coconut:

Slow. Horses. Xing.  Do double take:

Then make your way to Wei's Scallion Pancake Hut for a chives pie, northern China's version of an empanada, a mini calzone, a turnover or Hot Pockets.  You get what I'm saying? A golden fried shell.  A savory filling.  Warming.  Comforting.  It's a perfect size snack fit for little hands:

Save room for fresh baked cookies or homemade ice-cream from the Paradise truck.  A palate cleansing refresher before going back for round two of vendor hopping:

Some other tasty bites include Yummy Road's curry fish balls on a skewer, Haiku Kitchen's Japanese fish tacos, Lotus Circle's handmade Taiwanese sausages, and Ozero's mochi waffles.

Bring your kids at 4 pm for an early dinner or come with your foodie friends at midnight for a late night snack. Either way your headed for a fun filled, stomach pleasing, Asian street food party.

626 Night Market
Santa Anita Park Front Paddock Gardens
285 W. Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007
FREE parking

$2/person 4pm-6pm
$3/person after 6pm
Free for ages 12 years and younger

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