July 01, 2013

Looney Tunes comes to Yogurtland

I normally don't plug products, services, or businesses on my blog but I just can't keep quiet about this. We've been eating at Yogurtland a lot this summer.  I mean A LOT.  And now we have more reason to go A LOT more.  The Looney Tunes gang will be here - Bugs, Daffy, Road Runner, Tweety, Marvin and Taz are coming to life in a flavorful way at Yogurtland between July 8-Sept 15!

There will be parties at select Yogurtland locations - with character appearances, prizes and free yogurt starting July 8. Yogurtland will also introduce SIX delicious new frozen yogurt and sorbet flavors and toppings inspired by the zany Looney Tunes characters, their personalities and favorite snacks and treats:

• Yogurtland’s new Carrot Cake frozen yogurt blends real carrots, hand-selected spices and cream cheese frosting for a taste that will have fans saying, “What’s up, Doc!” Bugs Bunny would be the first in line to fill his cup with shredded carrots, Yogurtland’s first vegetable topping.

• Inspired by Daffy Duck, Decadent Dark Chocolate Orange frozen yogurt blends premium cocoa with a light natural orange finish for a flavor that’s so decadent it’s deth-picable! Top it off with dark chocolate, orange-covered cranberries.

• The best thing since the illudium Q-36 space modulator, Kosmic Fruit Kaboom Sorbet is out-of-this world delicious with pineapple, lime, banana and a secret ingredient – spinach. Need more Kaboom? Top if off with Pop Rocks for an added explosion of flavor. (59-cents per individual packet)

• On the delicate side, Lemon Cream Cookie frozen yogurt is a tasty “tweat” even Tweety Bird would “twy.” Made with real cookies and lemon, this flavor will make putty tats jealous.

• Inspired by Road Runner, Cactus Berry Tart combines real cactus pear with Northwest marion blackberries, blueberries, and red raspberries for a light tart taste guaranteed to cool down even the hottest day in the desert. “Beep! Beep!”

• Taz would chew his way through anything to get to Yogurtland’s Devil’s Food Cake frozen yogurt. Top it off this untamed chocolate deliciousness with shaved curls of dark chocolate that will leave taste buds swirling.

The yumminess doesn't stop there.  Each character will have their own collectible spoon and cup, and Yogurtland is offering a new line of co-branded merchandise including notepads, pencils, key chains and melamine bowls, while supplies last:

Use Yogurtland's mobile app and you can earn free yogurt! Just scan QR codes on the in-store flavor cards and earn 4 ounces of free yogurt after collecting four character codes and 6 ounces after collecting six codes!

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