July 28, 2013

This week in pictures | July 22-28, 2013

This is Presley's first summer at VBS, Vacation Bible School.  Did you know that VBS also stands for very bad stuff, very big smile, or very busy summer in the text acronym world? I had no idea:


He wore this shirt for five days.  He was stinky by the end of the week:

Full of boys on this play date:

Kids play

Panda face needs A LOT of work:

Panda sushi

Dessert for lunch.  Chocolate chip, orange sherbert swirl, and mint n' chip ice cream cones:

Ice cream sandwiches

One of his many disguises:

I love me a SWEET boutique.  A mini Dylans-esque called Kandi:

Kandi Sweet Shoppe

Kandi Sweet Shoppe

Making herself right at home:

Kandi Sweet Shoppe

They even serve yogurt and ice cream:

Kandi Sweet Shoppe

Kandi Sweet Shoppe

I went to the nursery...again...to buy more plants...again.


Growing a green thumb is frustrating to say the least.  But what kind of example would I be to the kids if I gave up? Try, try, try again is what I always tell them:


6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0:

We have lift off:

Throwback Thursdays from Beeps.  Tuna melt on rye, it's whats for dinner:

Beeps tuna melt

No shortage of classic diner food here:

Beeps diner

Need something on the go? Order from the walk-up window for semi-fast food service.  All that's missing are carhops on roller skates:

Beeps diner

The kids want to come back for breakfast:

Fruity pancakes

Summer bucket list...discover a new 50's diner...check:

Beeps diner

Raining in July on a 85 degree day:

raining in july

Kissing in the dark green-side...at Americana:

americana at brand

Picture courtesy of Anna:

americana at brand

The way to David's heart is roasted roma tomatoes.  Pop'um in the oven.  See you on the other side:


Going to get haircuts:

This is Katrina at Blue Velvet Salon.  She is an AMAZING cut and color stylist which is why I've been seeing her for over ten years.  She is also a good listener.  I cried in her chair when I thought David was never going to marry me.  Six months later she was giving me an up-do at my wedding.  Doesn't it look like Truman fell asleep:

Blue Velvet Salon

David always takes them to get their hair cuts.  They're usually on their best behavior.  That's what I'm told:

Blue Velvet Salon

My marriage mission has been to find the best banana bread recipe for David.  This one is Maple Olive Oil Banana Bread.  Very good. But nothing to go bananas over: 

Maple Olive Oil Banana Bread

Happy last weekend in July!


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