February 28, 2014

Say no to "i" and say yes to "we"

An iPhone.  An iPod.  An iPad.  Anything with an i and its i-accessories are nonexistent in our home. The exception is David's iPhone which he uses for work.  I see kids with all the latest gadgets and feel old-fashioned.  They look so electronically advanced and so techy.  

This year, Truman asked Santa for an iPad.  Every child is equipped in computer class which gives him exposure to technology.  But I continually ask myself, "is it enough to prepare him for this tech savvy world?"

Then I remember what sets my kids a part like how much they love to read. Their eyes are in books not in gadgets.  Doing activities that require all five senses lets them explore their creativity and imagination. Family meals are about gathering and "how was your day" conversation. And when the kids are not story telling during car rides or road trips, they're observing unknown territories through the window (we also don't own any portable DVD players!!).  They've learned to appreciate quiet time.

Never say never.  But for now, say no to "i" and say yes to "we"(not wii either).

Thank you to all the kids who are deserving of these fancy toys for sharing and exposing your game savvy ways with my kids.  I'm just glad they're in your home and not mine (yet).

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