April 20, 2014

This week in pictures | April 14-20, 2014

Spring Break has come to an end.  Lots of highs/lows.  It's been eventful.  

Forever grateful for our new pediatric ENT.  Portia is unplugged and all is good in my her world:

Springs first dinner on the deck:

after we gave it good shower:

Finally enjoying the lights from when David strung them late last summer:

Water table also got a good wash:

David keeps forgetting that one of three light bulbs is burnt:

The kids LOVE eating outside:

It's a Spring Break staycation when packaged frozen foods is supplemented into our diet:


For our day at Adventure City!
Section outside the park reserved for cheap Moms who pack lunches:

Adventure City

Not my speed:

More my speed:

New additions to our garden.  Can't wait!

Waterproof.  Lasts up to seven days.  Darn:

Adventure City

Looks like they're laying something else besides eggs.  Staging a perfect photo session once again:

"Do you eat bugs?"

Adventure City

Mist zombie:

Adventure City

And I thought miniature golf would be fun:

Castle Park

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Big Rig Tour is...:

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Big Rig Tour


Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Big Rig Tour

Hello, my name is:

Cooking classroom menu: Fish, Made Easy.  Truman and I made baked white fish and broccoli!

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution cooking class

Dear Jamie Oliver,
My kid still doesn't eat broccoli.
Mom of a picky green-eater

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution cooking class

Lego art exhibit, A Million and One Pieces by David Tracy at Forest Lawn Museum.  We like to roam cemeteries:

A Million and One Pieces by David Tracy

Splash of Color lamps.  The name says it all:

A Million and One Pieces by David Tracy

Hearts, hearts:

Sew L.A.

And more hearts in Atwater Village!!

My cousins live in a LOVEly, interesting, eccentric part of L.A.:

Atwater Village

Just been informed that two of three kids will need braces.  David is loosing sleep:

Failed attempt to dye Easter eggs the natural way.  "Saving face" by leaving the after picture out.
Top-cayenne, chili powder, turmeric, paprika
Bottom-ginger powder, black tea, soy sauce

Natural dyed easter eggs

Easter at the Alexs with Charlie Chan!!

No chocolate for him.  He would've liked my peanut M&M bunny mix chocolate chip cookies:

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours:

And the golden egg goes to...:

Happy "Easter" Weekend

(Click here if you want to see more David Tracy lego lamps from A Million and One Pieces!)

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