June 16, 2014

This week in pictures | June 9-15, 2014

Here's a snippet of what our first week of summer break looked like!

Current conditions and weather forecast for Point Dume State Beach:

Point Dume State Beach

3, 1, 2 in non-chronological order:

Point Dume State Beach

Beach talk:

Point Dume State Beach

"Five hearts for five of us Mama."

Point Dume State Beach

New outdoor side table.  I wanted orange.  She wanted pink. Look who won!

 Westfield family restrooms.  There's something for everyone:

If you ever wanted to see what bad sportsmanship looks like, give three kids three straws and one cup:

She fell asleep twirling her hair.  I love her girly side:

Took the kids out for ice cream at an old-fashioned ice cream parlor in the valley!

Jerry's soda shoppe on one side:

Pharmacy on the other.  It somehow works in a weird old-school way!!

More splash pad fun.  This time at Oak Park!

Looks like a kids clothing ad for rash guards and swim trunks:

Pony tail shadow.  Look down:

I spotted the perfect Father's Day gift for David! Too bad it can't fit three car seats across:

This girl has got it too easy:

Presley spotted Felix:

and "a flower too, Mama!"

Father's Day dinner at the Alexs:

Polka dots attire optional:

ALL the grand kids were present:

to spend it with Jack/Dad/Daddy/Mr. Chan/Gung Gung!!

The kids made David a garden stone turn tile piece for the front porch. Working with cement is not one of my favorite things to do:

My predictions are coming true!

Presley is already following the Chinese tradition of taking care of Mom and Dad by giving David a "red pocket" of money for being the best daddy in the world!

(I don't have high hopes for the other two)

Click here to see more pictures from our beach day at PD State Beach!

Happy "Father's Day" weekend!

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