August 10, 2014

This week in pictures | Aug 4-10, 2014

Welcoming committee in front of the Madrid Theatre:

The Madrid Theatre

Finally made it to one of the children's performance series.  It happened to be the last free show of the summer. Lucked out!!

The Beautiful World, Madrid Theatre

Movie time:


Tree People

Then downward:

Tree People

Now water break.  Today was the first time we didn't lug the stroller. She hiked on her own without any complaints!!

Tree People

A boy and his stick:

Joined the Y:

Bathrooms are up ahead:

Spent most of the day in water:

The Chima Water Park was excellent!!

Truman thought these were hilarious:


Shoe shopping:


...and lunch date with my 8 year old newborn son.  He spent all of lunch talking about Star Wars when the plan was to talk about "his" goals and "my" expectations for 3rd grade.  Why am I soooo weak!!!???

The Cheesecake Factory

Donatello is his favorite TMNT:


Ben & Jerry's before dinner:

Ben & Jerry's

Surviving Target with the whole family:

Dim Sum was so yum until...


David had "problems at work":

My Dad made a brief appearance.  Seeing him in his signature Hawaiian shirts make me smile:

Dead squirrels are falling from the sky:

Waiting for family at 3rd/Fairfax.  I scored seats for the 13 of us!!!

Happy "last" weekend of summer (for us)!

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