October 05, 2014

This week in pictures | Oct 6-12, 2014

It started out with egg splats:

Egg splat

Spilled milk:

Spilled milk

and lizards in the house (gross!!).  This is lizard #2:

Baby lizard

There were hazy nights.  I can't even remember where I took this picture:

I thought it was the night our neighbor was putting up Halloween decorations...and I was spying:

But then things started to look UP!! (18 days and counting):


Like finding lost treasure in the dryer:

Banana cake!

Mickey Mouse pancakes!!

and the sound of her humming while she rides:

Family dinner is definitely a thankful time especially when we're celebrating Felix's birthday:

Manna, Little Toyko

But hands down, watching 5 yr old's play golf will be the cutest thing you see all week:

Tregnan Golf Academy, Little Linksters

Rise and shine at Barnes and Noble:

Barnes and Noble, Book Star

celebrating Star Wars Reads day.  They gave away FREE posters and stickers!!

Barnes and Noble, Book Star

They NEVER want to leave:

Barnes and Noble, Book Star

We stopped at our favorite pumpkin patch.

Tapia Bros., Hubbard Baby Godzillas

We were having a great time:

Except Presley...why the long face??

Tapia Bros.

"I'm hot and thirsty!!" he says.

Tapia Bros.

After some water and lots of cheering up, he was all smiles:

Sometimes (o.k. all the time), they drive me PEA-NUTS!!

Tapia Bros.

While trying to figure out what we should have for lunch we hit a road block.  We decided to park and see what the commotion was all about:

Taste of Encino


Taste of Encino

with life-size food for entertainment:

Fresh Brothers

We suddenly had a craving for pizza:

Mulberry Pizza

Happy "FULL" weekend!

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