November 30, 2014

This weeks in pictures | Nov 24-30, 2014

Thanksgiving vacation! Keeping busy while mommy sleeps in:

Eating dinner by candlelight.  The light bulb is out:

Week two of gel nails.  No chipped polish!!

David has a new monthly subscription:

brick builders club

Christmas comes early:

Face time:

Movie time.  We went to see Big Hero 6.  Presley held my arm the whole time:

Can't wait...despite bad press:

Fifty Shades of Grey

Holiday pictures took place in the wilderness:


Lots of good lighting.  It was 80F!!:

I got a few great shots to work with and can't wait to share:


"Happy Thanksgiving Mario!" he said.
"Happy Thanksgiving Mario!" she said.
"Happy Thanksgiving Mario!" he said.

The future:

Outdoor Thanksgiving at Jade's!!!

Handling the goods:

Juicy and tender!

Blessed and bountiful!

Midnight curfew:

Portia's first time bowling:

Corbin Bowl

David showing her how it's done:

Corbin Bowl

Arcade fun:

 Udon done right.  Thanks babe!


Countdown to Christmas:

One present down, much more to go:

It's beginning to look a lot like winter...:

1 coat, 1 pant, and 2 sweaters got new replacements:

Love a reason to wear my rain boots:

Happy "rainy" weekend!

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