January 18, 2015

This week in pictures | Jan 12-18, 2015

What's trending on my nails...looks like a garden hose:

A bar stool:

and a Starbucks straw:

Non-biodegradable pile.  David should be ashamed of himself:


Oreos for breakfast:

"Happy 9th Birthday Alana".  That's what the cake said when I picked it up:

Portia is 4!!!!

Flowers from Dad:

Flowers from Mom:

Bike from Dad and Mom.  

Went from good:

to bad...in seconds:

"I want to eat dinner at Cheese Factory," says the birthday girl:

Cheesecake Factory

View from our booth.  Restaurants taking over shopping mall real estate.  Takes getting used to:


She was!!

Cheesecake Factory

Pretty soon I'll be looking up at her:

Three(+) hour detox with Joanna:

The purse did it:

KNEES UP! Their comfy spot at grand pa's:

Wishing Dad and Jade would get here soon.  The cart maids are having trouble understanding my Chinese!

Eye-opener for the kids:

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

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