February 08, 2015

This week in pictures | Feb 2-8, 2015

Portia loves painting at school:

Any takers?

The kids like their eggs boiled for 9 minutes:

We are still here:

Bobby pin shambles:

I went on a field trip!

We walked to the post office with Portia's class:

Valentine grams were signed, sealed:

and delivered! Portia takes blurry pictures like her Mom:

Valentine's Day is a.k.a Mama's Day:

Dr. Lasky has a family room in her practice (like something you'd see in the magazines):

The kids LOVE coming to see her:

They're always well taken care of:

Her dramatic performances are getting intense:

We spent all weekend outside:

It's been really warm:

Eating take-out on the deck doesn't taste like take-out:

Toy soldiers came out to play:

and then it rained for a bit:

so the toy soldiers came inside:

My loaner for the day.  The color interior I'd drive in if I didn't have kids:

Waiting to get haircuts at Katrina's:

David was there in the morning and went back in the evening to fit everyone in before Chinese New Year:

David has been cooking Sunday bacon in the oven.  It comes out light and crispy!

My father-n-law likes two kinds of cake, carrot and cheesecake.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Hope you had a happy weekend!

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