May 17, 2015

This week in pictures | May 11-17, 2015

Mother's Day hangover:

Bear on the moon food art

I hope they never stop picking me flowers:

I'm so blessed:

Them not so much.  We said good-bye to Shinky and Shiny:

Captivated by Julius Jr., her new favorite show:

Wahoo wahoo:

Owl on a branch food art

Truman's ends.  He knows it pisses me off:

Jumble.  You get on my nerves, play doh:

Rainy day:

on Open House:


She came to watch Presley play tennis:

And/or watch the ducks and geese:

She hasn't outgrown the swings yet:

We threw you away.  You're welcome!

This is Mozza!

This is 40! Happy Birthday John!!

Lego Fest!

It never gets old:

Our waiter was tall...which is why we're all looking up.  Thanks for the picture Eva!

Rose-gold t-strap mary janes.  Need I say more?

Our weekends alway end with Mexican:

Till next week! XO!

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