June 10, 2015

Heroic trio

It's the last week of school with just a birthday party to go.  Presley's friend's Deacon and Sean we're having a combined super hero birthday party.  Once again, I had absolutely all this energy and free time because raising three kids is such a cinch especially while the school year is wrapping up when there is nothing going on...right!!??

I found a no sew super hero costume tutorial on Twin Dragonfly Designs.  Canadian bloggers are so crafty! It seemed pretty simple at first with just felt and a glue gun until I got to the two hour window and wondered why am I still sitting here getting sticky? But overall, I'm happy with the turnout!  

no sew kids super hero costumes

Iron man:

no sew kids iron man costume


no sew kids wolverine costume

Wonder Woman:

no sew kids wonder woman costume

I actually made Portia's costume with no help from templates or print outs so I'm especially fond of hers.  And her star cowboy boots seemed to match perfect with her costume:

no sew kids super hero costume

I think I'm set for Halloween unless they change their mind which will likely happen.

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