June 28, 2015

This week in pictures | June 22-28, 2015

The boys started summer school this week:

They're so happy in summer.  ME TOO!

So I let them get away with A LOT:

This includes video games: 

Portia started her art class and made me stay with her for twenty minutes:

On the second day, she brought Soft Baby and made me stay for only 10 minutes:

On the third day, she let me go after five minutes.  We continue to work through her separation anxiety:

Joanna and I had a lovely therapy session.  She gave me a yummy prescription:

Truman is teaching me how to play chess this summer.  I have no interest in learning.  Don't tell him:

Thank you to whoever left breakfast for us on our front tree.  We like Kix too:


One in a melon:

She makes me want to cut bangs:


Captain America build at Lowe's:

Truman is so good at assembling parts.  He definitely gets this from David:

They are so much a like.  They are both lefties and perform awkward dance moves:



Terribly wrong:



Family jewels:

Family dinner.  I love summer afternoons when we swim all day then head out to an early dinner:

Good night summer:

Till next week! XO!!

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