October 05, 2015

Moon Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns

Last week we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival. The moon is supposed to bring peace and prosperity!

Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns

Any chance to stay up past bedtime gets the kids excited.

I still love the lanterns David bought last year.  We light real candles inside!

Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns

The blood moon eclipse was on the same night.  But we came out to late.

Moon on Mid-Autumn Festival

Another year searching for the Lady in the Moon or some call her the Moon Gypsy.  There have been many legends about her so I won't even bother with Once Upon a Time...

Looking for the lady in the moon on Mid-Autumn Festival

We did a fun taste test between moon cakes made from Taiwan and ones from Hong Kong.  The kids and I can't tell the difference.  David likes the ones made in Hong Kong.

Moon cakes on Mid-Autumn Festival

Thank you Dad and Alison for the moon cakes!

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