January 25, 2016

Portia's week in pictures

Portia is five.
This is FIVE!!

And this is how Portia spent her last days being four!




and air balls.

She passed out healthy treats.

And sneaked a few powdery treats.

She requested a "BIG salad".

And a "BIG ramen".

Oh, how she lives for Japanese food.  She's definitely David's daughter.

Portia became a new mommy.  Here she is leaving the hospital, I mean the mall with Rosie.

Rosie at 8 oz. and 16 inches has blue eyes and pink fur.
Build-A-Bear workshop
I was hoping for a boy.

Build-A-Bear workshop
Portia says, "Boys don't like pink."

Star Wars Monopoly
But girls are just as M'm! M'm! Good! too.

Star Wars Campbell's soup
With the help from my sister she moved into a princess castle. 

Because...eviction notices.

Discrimination against sisters.

It's real!!

She finds comfort and companionship in Mr. Pickles.

We skipped cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory...

For a bright pink and purple princess birthday cake! 

I can't think of anything better on your birthday than sharing chocolate cake with your favorite guy.

Happy 5th Birthday to our favorite girl!!

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