April 27, 2016

Portia + video

diy cereal box guitar made out of recycle materials. see more photos at growinguphui.com

It's only been a couple years since this simple girl(me!), who usually likes straight-forward, basic functionalities, has owned a Windows smartphone.  David had insisted on getting rid of my dumb phone due to it's low-end capabilities.  I like low-end capabilities.  I'm just now finally getting the hang of doing things I consider fancy - syncing, sharing, uploading.

My sis-n-law recently gave me her Sony Xperia so although I'm grateful, excited, and intrigued by all the new Android features my other Windows smartphone didn't offer I have to learn how to be smart all over again!

One of the new apps I've been playing around with is the Movie Creator.  It can automatically or custom create short movies of your existing pictures and videos around 30 seconds long.  The upload quality is sub par but it's so fun to play around with and it's so easy to create!

I took the photos of Portia from Earth Day when she rocked-out her diy cereal box guitar we made together for her school's earth day art project.

Thanks for looking.  Time to make more movies...bye!

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