May 27, 2016

This month in pictures | May

May was a motherload of a month and it doesn't help when we've all been bitten by the burnt-out-school-bug.  This kid for sure!! Multiple bites!!!

We've been somewhat delirious minus this sweet girl.

It's like having all the toppings and then forgetting to buy the dough.  You make it work...with english muffins.

I start to get annoyed with my kids little demands like, "NO sour cream/NO avocado...sour cream/NO avocado...NO sour cream/avocado." Uuuuugggghhhh!

I stay optimistic for the sake of keeping sanity in my house...

All the while setting my sites on the finish line...SUMMER VACATION.

How do I take the edge off? I make an ice cream run all by myself to indulge in a giant waffle cone with TWO scoops!!

I shop for new succulents.  Planting is so therapeutic.

I really want to grow Thai basil.

May The 4th Be With You brought out the Wookiee in Pickles.  He's the only sane one in the house.

We began this month with tacos.

The spirit of Cinco de Mayo said OLE!

Kids way of decompressing.

Or going to the movies in IMAX style!!

There are few occasions like Open House that helps put things in perspective for me though.

It helps me answer questions I ask myself daily like am I doing enough?

Are they getting what they need?

It always confirms what I already know - THEY'RE JUST FINE.

Great teachers make all the difference.  I'm thankful for them.

Teacher Appreciation Week loot.

Springs golf camp happened.

 My baby won 1st place and brought home the GOLD in his 9-hole putting tournament.

We tried a new ramen restaurant.  David gave it a good rating and is happy that it's close to home.

Same seating.  Different restaurant.  They like consistency.

Facial hair is not too far off.

He turns 10 in two months!!

I found a new doctor who has a beautiful new office view.

We witnessed colorful blooms.

And got new cuts.  Thanks Katrina.

At the end of the day, I get to share my daily highs and lows with this man.  I'm thankful he gets me without judgement.

David might just be the only person who comes (slightly)close to walking in my shoes.  I said slightly.

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