June 01, 2016

Long weekend roundup

Having breakfast with my friend Joanna yesterday felt like an attempt to prolong Memorial day weekend for one more day.  We planned for cheap muffins and coffee.  But went the Huevos Rancheros route.  I normally don't like runny egg yolks but I make exceptions when layered with crispy corn tortillas and all the heavenly Mexican pairings. Meanwhile back at home there was an empty dishwasher that needed loading, stagnant laundry times five (need I say more!), and dog poop that required scooping.  After a restorative morning we parted ways and I clocked back in as laundry machine operator.

I was able to upload photos in between laundry loads.  Here is a mini recap of our Memorial Day week(end)...

Long weekend requirement: have the freezer fully stocked.

House rule during holidays: no curfew.

Break diet: eat bread.

3-day weekend perk: girls night out on a Sunday.

Portia's had a busy social calendar lately.  She's had invitations to lunch dates and birthday parties.

It's so fun to be five.

Any friend of FROZEN is a friend of Portias.

I have a love/hate relationship with Chuck E. Cheese.  I saw him and didn't say hi.  I was rude.

Presley was invited to Saron's birthday party.

Princess Ariel made an appearance.  I should have brought Portia.

I've discovered that Ethiopian people are the nicest people ever.  They are so warm and hospitable.

This was my second time eating Ethiopian food! I really wanted to go back for seconds but didn't want to look like a hungry-grubbing hog.

I'm convinced he comes just for the cake.

We met my sister for Dim Sum.  Then she treated the boys to ice cream and an Angry Birds movie. She told me she fell asleep in the theater.  I think that was her plan all along.

Who else waited till the last minute to do a Propane pick-up?

Sweet end to a Memorial Day BBQ, apple crisp!!

Hope you had a relaxing Memorial day weekend...and thank you to all who gave their lives while serving so I can live a beautiful, blessed life!!

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