September 21, 2016

How you doin'?

Once in a while I catch The Wendy Williams Show when I'm channel surfing.  She cracks me up. But thanks for asking Wendy, I'm doing fantastic.

It's been a while since I've posted.  Current update - we're 30-some days in, class is in session.  I didn't think it was possible to NOT miss the kids.  David would probably disagree.  He keeps wondering with this newly treasured time of mine why I choose to be spending it in their classrooms.

Did I have an onset of empty nestitus? Only in the beginning, cross my heart.

I was drowning my boredom in food, eating straight out of giant bowls.

asian salad

Utensils not required at times.

Some time at the start of season 4's Game of Thrones...

Game of Throne series

I conducted a meal replacement program experiment.  I don't know if I lost weight.

dreyers all american pie for lunch

But it crushed my cravings and I was satisfied ALL day.

yogurtland for lunch

 Back to school print ad for licensing products.

Time is flying by.

During the first week, Portia and I walked to school.

We witnessed first signs of early Fall.

During 90F temps.


She's been very vocal and opinionated about her hair lately.  Is it a 5 year old thing?

Braids and pinned back bangs, while she grows them out (again).

Already one sick day for these two.

sick days

When is someone going to make a healthier version of Lunchables?

lunch box

Packing lunches is my #2 least favorite thing to do.  #1 is going to the dentist.

lunch box

But my friend added me to a great lunch box facebook group where moms post what their packing for snacks/lunches everyday.  It's been helping me break out of the lunch rut.  Thanks Jenn!

lunch box

Household addiction.

uno family time

Fresh basil from our bleak garden.

fresh basil

Cuisiniere in training.

 Roasted garlic, eggplant, and tomatoes

I love watching her in the kitchen.

 Roasted garlic, eggplant, and tomatoes

 Roasted garlic, eggplant, and tomatoes topped with basil.  Portia did GOOD!!

 Roasted garlic, eggplant, and tomatoes

Labor Day combustion.

4-day weekends rule.

point dume beach during labor day weekend

Sandy bunch.

point dume beach during labor day weekend

Treasures that came home with us.

collecting sea shells at point dume beach during labor day weekend.

Cleaning out the fridge made a Ritz lunch.

ritz lunch using leftovers in the fridge

Neighborhood buddies.

Planning my birthday weekend is tiring.

(I feel you Daddy).

I'm 42!!

origami cake from daiso japan

We celebrated over our usual hot grill.

yamato encino for teppan grill and sushi

I got a ruby ring.

And a triple berry shortcake from Sweet Lady Jane.

triple berry cake from sweet lady jane

It didn't stop there.  David took me out for uni pasta...and other decadent dishes!!

EMC topanga uni pasta

The next night, DTLA arts district.

dtla arts district

There's so much to see!

dtla arts district

It's not a family gathering without heated topics.

fritzi in dtla arts district

My branzino was a treat and I forget how much I love toasted hazelnuts.

fritzi in dtla arts district

Loud little people.

fritzi in dtla arts district

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes! It was a special 3-day celebration!!

dtla arts district sidewalk art

One got their braces off.

And one other will need them soon.

labor day weekend fun

New favorite Korean BBQ restaurant near us.  Please don't go out of business.

korean bbq

Hey look! I took out the China! We used chopsticks and even ate out of rice bowls.  My Mom would have made 2 or more additional dishes.  In my defense, at one point she had a live-in housekeeper, nanny, tutor, and driver.

Steamed egg with salted duck egg and stir fry chicken with black fungus.

homestyle chinese cooking

Cold tofu with soy sauce and dried shredded pork is the kids favorite.  We had that 2x for dinner this week.

homestyle chinese cooking

Honoring the full moon.  Happy Mid-Autumn festival!!

celecrating mid-autumn festival with lit lanterns and moon cakes.

May you have peace and prosperity and always be surrounded by loved ones.

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