November 13, 2016

This week in pictures | some time after Nov. 7

It was a promising week.

I studied hard and bubbled all the right answers.

election 2016

But it just wasn't enough.  America and I have different needs and wants.

election 2016

He always makes me feel better.

Elliot and Audrey came over on Veterans Day.

Elliot's first molar came out.

Right after we put a DVD in.

veterans day with friends

And right before Truman got sprayed away.

This week was grueling since Truman's robotic tournament was this past weekend, I've had to lug the little ones with me a wad of times to Thousand Oaks so he could meet with his team.

We at a lot of fast food.  I hate that.

They love that.

Most nights were spent dazed in color.

Or watching them play on critters backs.

The First LEGO League 2016 robotics tournament was exciting. You know, three months ago, when these guys met they were from different schools and different backgrounds.  They gelled together, worked their asses off, and qualified to compete at Regionals after being chosen 1 of 6 teams (out of 26 teams)!!

They were sooooo psyched!!

The closing ceremony was one big dance party.  Truman was the only one not dancing, just standing there.

"NOOOOOO WAAAY," he's telepathically communicating to me.  Look at THAT face.

But look at THIS face!!!!!

I was all mush inside.  In my mommy fantasy, he runs into my arms, I lift him up, twirl him around, wrap him in my arms and rock him back and forth.

His celebratory dinner included sushi, of course.  He took this picture while sitting at the sushi bar. He orders like a pro now.

The next day we went to the recycling center.

Truman's trying to raise money for Pali Camp - his 5th grade sleep away adventure.  I told him if he doesn't raise the $350 on his own he won't be able to go, not true.  But fear tactics gets him motivated.

David sure drinks a lot of beer.

His coins from grand pa went to his Pali Camp fund too.

Presley thought the beep made from the Coinstar kiosk when the coins got swallowed up was the most exciting thing ever.  He's going to be a slot machine guy when he turns 21.  I just know it.

I hope your weekend was eye-popping and jaw-dropping just like Presley's face!

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