December 20, 2016

Five days until christmas

Tree trimming at it's finest.

We put our blood, sweat, and smiles into it.

And got it done in five days.  Are we procrastinators or what?

It's because I only had one thing on my mind - Truman's First Lego League regionals tournament.

They didn't take home any awards but they placed 10th out of 45 teams in robotic performance. I'm so proud of him and all that he's gained and accomplished.  He's still my hero.

Now on to his new mission: conserving water and spreading the word in the neighborhood.

And...trying to get all of us to go along TOO! It's not working for me.

After a couple months of researching our family, the middle baby finally concluded his Heritage unit with a presentation, multi-cultural luncheon and family viewing.

Presley had practiced his presentation...on the fireplace.

In the family room.

And in the kitchen.

His portfolio looked like my Instagram feed.

I helped hang all the childrens' flags and was amazed by the diversity in the class.

I love that about his school...that my boys get exposed to all different types of ethnicities.

Presley even wore his Chinese outfit and queue to his holiday performance.  My shutter speed is always too slow...sulk.

Our neighborhood leaves are turning.

My car got towed.

I've been wrapping presents on the down low.

And Portia be gett'n a unicorn by a purple troll.

Her holiday performance was adorable.  I wouldn't expect anything less from her.

She's forever my mirror-mirror-on-the-wall girl.

Nun Run!!

A four year old birthday explosion.

And vaccines for Pickles was no fun.

First Saturday of winter break at the Natural History Museum.

It was the first time for Presley and I doing the behind-the-scenes tour discovering fossils.  Thank you Erika!

Blissful buddies in front of the museum and on Melissa's phone.

Afterwards, we took Presley out to dinner while the other two were at a birthday party.  Just the three of us. That doesn't happen often.  He seldom gets the spotlight he so deserves.

Five days and counting till Christmas!!

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