March 06, 2017

The long and the short of it

Here's what the last two months have been like, but first a poem...

Roses are red.

2nd grade Valentine's party filled with crafts and games

Violets are blue.

2nd grade class party

He always said...

2nd grade Valentine's party filled with crafts and games

I'd be his Valentine's Day boo.

Nixed this years DIY grams for over-the-counter cards.  Best decision - the kids assembled everything on their own.

One morning she turned SIX!!

Endless rainbows and sunshine (thunderstorms too!) since she came into our lives.  

Two weeks later Presley turned EIGHT!!

Big SING fan.

Little dudes eating birthday donuts.

My Dad's slick Chinese New Year jacket.

Another cook-a-thon with my sis.  

My nephew is an easy recruit.

Rain showers.

Happy hour.

The end for these Valentine flowers.

We have ICE!!

Unbelievable sighting in the SFV.

Wish we had more of it.

Turkey Chili in progress.  My sous chef, line chef, and short-order cook in action.

Eight year old's suds.


SEAFOOD + girls night out = chipper self

Warning signs.

Guava pastries from Miami.

Gaming in our jammies.

While David was in Miami for a whole week, he left me in charge of overseeing the purchase of his new car and mine.  Daunting, exciting, and stressful all at the same time.

New cars smell good.

Fast food after-school snack.

Fast food dinner trays.

Morning matinees.

Sex-y shops.

Dive bar selfie.

A beautiful hike in the Conejo Valley.

Joanne's bathroom renovation.

Weekend recreation.

Batman swag.

Garage door bust.

"Can we take a guinea pig home with us?"

Generation Z's and my sis on her birthday.

We also celebrated my father-n-law.

I love watching him when he doesn't know I'm watching him.

He's a collector.

Plays the boomwhacker.

And sings with the L.A. Opera.

If I had to pick one person to be on a deserted island with, it would be him.  

He's my beginning and my end...till the very end.


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