April 02, 2017

Perspire to greatness

I've had low energy lately.  Lately means the last 10 years and 8 months.  So I joined the gym. I'm supposed to perspire to greatness because that's what keeps on flashing in front of me during my fat burning workout.  But somehow I have no energy now and my sweaty self is forced to shower everyday.  I could use those spa minutes to do something much more productive...zzzzzz.

I do get enough sleep every night.

get your seven hours of sleep every night

I acquire my daily dose of laughter.  

get your daily dose of laughter for long life

And soak in plenty of vitamin D.

get plenty of vitamin d by exposing yourself to sun during the day

I make sure to reward myself with weekend bacon...

nothing better than sunday morning bacon

Right after we promised the doctor to eat more veges.  

annual medical checkups at the pediatrician

(Friends can attest to it).

annual checkups at the pediatrician

Then reset the following week.

the kids will eat anything with caesar salad dressing

Even then, fatigue syndrome won't subside.  Must be all the refined sugar I ingest.

sunbathing with chocolate chip cookies

Colorful curbside ice??

kona ice food truck curbside treats eating shaved ice

Mercury filled diet topped with deep fried panko? I imagine David and I just like them still sitting at the sushi bar in 15 years.

sushi bar date night

For sure it has to be the comfort food world I live in.

(My home cooked St. Patty's Day meal was so satisfying!!)

make irish stew and mashed potatoes for your next st. paticks day meal

Portia's second favorite task to do in the kitchen is peel vegetables.

kids love help peeling vegetables

But exercise is good.  Unquestionably good, unconditionally good.  That's what I tell myself.

stretching for the jog-a-thon

There's a sense of accomplishment.

annual jog-a-thon at the kids school

And total perseverance can merit special hardware.

jog-a-thon medal

The key to keeping my spirits up is finding BALANCE between diet and exercise.  

Half bread.  Half pasta.  Get my drift?

garlic bread and baked spaghetti recipes from www.shutterbean.com

Truman helped make the garlic bread.

garlic bread and baked spaghetti recipes from www.shutterbean.com

He's been quite useful in the kitchen lately.

homemade waffles

But hold up.  Honey over waffles??!! Everyone knows it's maple syrup all the way.  They never learn.

trader joes turkish honey

Speaking of hard work and medals, Portia was awarded Honor Roll again.

kindergarten honor roll

Eat your heart out, boys!!

kindergarten A/R and honor roll

One day, they're going to get what's coming to them.

I actually burn calories watching my kids play.  How? Meet up with friends at the park for a rap session.  Jabbering burns lots of calories.  

razor fun at the park bike paths

Finding harmony between a fit lifestyle and my love for enriched flour is a constant battle.

lindero canyon club for some golf practice

Especially when David wants me fat.

susie cakes cupcakes and banana chocolate chip cake

This fit/weight loss struggle proves to be agonizing but worth the efforts in living a full life...

winter swim days in sunny southern california

Because don't we all want to live happily faux-ever after??

plastic flower market at Micheals is plush

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