September 22, 2008

Birthday Cake Rule

We are sweets-lovers, chocolate-lovers, cake-lovers...This is why a Hui birthday is never passed without birthday cake. This year, we spent my birthday in Carlsbad so David and I could take Truman to Legoland.

Not much to our surprise, Truman was restless and wired by dinner and after thrown one to many pieces of penne on the floor we decided it was time to vacate the restaurant. So, instead of birthday cake for dessert, we settled for fresh baked chocolate chip cookies offered in the hotel lobby. When we got back to L.A., David surprised me with a cake he picked up on his way home from work. Truman helped me blow out candles and we even let him have a sliver before bed.

So, my little cake-lovers, stay sweet & adorable and never, never forget birthday cake in our family!

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