April 08, 2018

This week in pictures | huis in hong kong

po lin monastery lantau island big buddha

We traveled 10,000 miles for "thee" family event of the season.  In just eight days, the Hui/Chan/Alex families became immersed in a world of dim sum parties, spectacular expeditions, and mile high dinners.  But before navigating the world of H.K. milk tea, let's gather our possessions for the grandest sabbatical of all.

Rolling is the superior way to pack.  I converted from folding 14 days ago.

black gonex packing cubes to organize your luggage

On the way to LAX, I highly recommend Shuttle Express.  Thanks Gene!

17 hours in close quarters can offer real quality time.

asiana airlines

Layover in Seoul.  I love Line Friends!

line friends store at the incheon airport, seoul

Last leg of our cross-country flight.  Hong Kong here we come!

Strangely felt right at home.

old hong kong st. at ocean park

Vertical living.

pastel colored vertical buildings in hong kong

Shoulder to shoulder.  Living spaces piled one on top of the other.

Personal space interrupted.

mtr hong kong during rush hour

Our favorite Cha Chaan Teng (tea house).  We had breakfast here four times, maybe more!

hung lee restaurant is a favorite cha chaan teng.

Chinese moo juice.

kowloon diary

Youtiao (Chinese donut) pick up station.

youtiao or chinese donut is a favorite breakfast snack

Not for those following a ketogenic diet.

Another street, another sweet bun stand. Not for those following a WHOLE30 diet either.

TST was our home for eight days.

tsim sha tsui mtr station

Urban and gritty.

tsim sha tsui

Playful and vibrant.

kowloon park in tsim sha tsui

Night life is luminous.

jordon night life

I miss all the savory street stalls.

And wonton noodle shops.

wonton noodle shops in hong kong

Mass transit cousins traveled by subway.


victoria peak cable car

And trolley (Ding Ding).  The upper deck is so fun!

trolley or ding ding in hong kong

We rode the Ngong Ping 360 crystal cable car to see Big Buddha on Lantau Island.

Ngong Ping 360 crystal cable car lantau island

Thanks Jason for capturing Portia's uncertainty.

Ngong Ping 360 crystal cable car lantau island

Conquering my own fear of heights with my sis right by my side.

Ngong Ping 360 crystal cable car lantau island

268 step workout.

The magestic Tian Tan Buddha statue.

big buddha, lantau island, hong kong

Getting spiritual.

po lin monastery, lantau island, hong kong


po lin monastery, lantau island, hong kong

Bo Zai Fan (clay pot rice bowl) after a long day.

Bo Zai Fan clay pot rice bowl hong kong

Scenes from a 2nd floor haphazard desserterie.

Morning routine.

mira hotel bathroom

Evening routine.

mtr snooze

Invader's Pac Man mosaics!!

invaders pac man mosaics hong kong

We stumbled upon his work before heading out to the Star Ferry.

invader mosaics in hong kong

Floating on Victoria Harbour.

ride along the victoria harbour on the star ferry

Day view from Victoria's Peak.

view from victorias peak

Night view from Kowloon.

victoria harbour and hong kong skyline

Family reunion!

Nightly walks.

Far away from the city.

ocean park

Ocean Park for Jackson's birthday!

ocean park, hong kong

27 floors high for dim sum with my dad and his high school friends.

isquare mall for dim sum, hong kong

He took us on a tour at Chung Chi College where he went to school.  He's still vacationing in China living out his retirement dreams.

chung chi college

Down time from the noise and congestion.

hong kong park playground

Grandma is so witty!

Old Master Q Dining Room hong kong

She had lunch with the kids at Old Master Q Dining Room.

Old Master Q Dining Room hong kong

My brother used to read and collect Lau Fu Zi comics.

Eat at Old Master Q Dining Room in hong kong if you love Lau Fu Zi comics

Charlie Brown club.

charlie brown restaurant hong kong

Gosh, I'm a sucker for theme restaurants.

charlie brown cafe hong kong

David took us to Mei Foo where he grew up.

mei foo

He lived in the densely populated tower block behind us.

mei foo block apartment buildings

Stirring up trouble, second balcony from the bottom.

mei foo block apartment buildings

David's elementary school!!

delia memorial school for elementary kids hong kong

It's where he gained his street smarts.

delia memorial school for elementary kids in hong kong

Hong Kong, I loved you the first time I saw you in 1997 and I still love you now.

hong kong park, central

I will be counting down the days till I can have goose again and the best Malaysian food ever (salivating) followed up by cold mango sago.  L.A. won't be able to offer cooked up H.K. sea life from the deep after picking it up fresh from the seafood market.

I got to thinking a lot on this trip and how I want passports and international airports to be second nature to the kids.  Of course, I want them to feel like there's no place like home but it's important for them to step out of their suburban bubble from time to time.  They're less likely to make social-cultural judgments on others and their ideas/believes.

When we were in Hong Kong I saw how well they adapted while gaining confidence to wander in unfamiliar places.  I hope they recognize that new experiences and creating family memories is much more fun and rewarding than tablets.  There was family around us everyday - sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and that was truly the highlight of the whole trip.

kowloon park, tsim sha tsui

As it turns out, this mom is going to try to give them the world one spring, one summer, one winter break at a time.


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