September 23, 2008

Field of Dreams

One of my first things on my "To Do List" when we moved into our new home was to plant a vegetable garden in the Spring. I always dreamed of picking veggies right out of my garden to cook delicious healthy meals for David. We began with a modest size eggplant and tomato plant:

We saw the veggies of our labor blossom and even had damaged foliage from hungry little pests:

Then we transferred them into the ground with the new addition of a cucumber plant:

We reaped the benefits of our some-what short Japanese eggplant:
And picked some water stressed tomatoes due to irrigation problems (we will do better next year):
My field of dreams may have only been a plot of dreams and perhaps next year I will come close to a field. But the most important lesson for my children is if you plant it, they will grow.


  1. Your container garden looks beautiful! Kudos to you, not only is your home worthy of magazine spread, but now you can have a garden article too!

  2. I remember when you used to tell me about family dinners. Your husband would come home after work and you would make dinner and you would all eat as a family. I didn't think that existed any more. Now you have a garden, to grow your own vegetables and a family, to feed :)


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