February 17, 2009

Case of Bored-itis

These last couple of weeks of rain has kept me trapped at home with a newborn baby so inevitably I came down with the case of bored-itis=bored out of my mind.

Here is Truman starting to come down with bored-itis too:

I've had to come up with ideas to keep me busy while also keeping Truman's friends Dora and Diego from luring him into the explorer world of TV.

Idea #1. Take advantage of sibling photo ops:

Idea #2. Sample new snacks like peanut butter and apples:

Idea #3. Practice some tummy time:

Idea #4. If all else fails, make Valentine cupcakes together even if it means Truman will only be allowed to eat 1 and David and I will have to eat all of 23 cupcakes.

I keep on telling myself that rain is much needed, being home with my children is a gift, and David being on paternity leave is a blessing. But how I wish I could sneak away for a pedicure, get a much needed hair cut, and perhaps spoil myself to a shopping spree at the mall!

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  1. WHAT?????? you had your beautiful baby and I didn't know about it? I am sorry about the housebound part but really impressed with the coping skills! much love to you all


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