April 21, 2009

Presley + Boppy

This is my first blog about Presley since he's been home from the hospital 11 long weeks ago. It's long overdue but I've been stressed, tired, and busy. It's been a juggling act trying to keep the house from becoming a dust disaster, answering to curious and intuitive Truman, trying to bond with Presley, making time for my friends, and all the while hoping David still finds me desirable after two kids.

My temporary emotional and physical downfall was partly due to Presley's sleeping patterns. He cluster fed (every hour) all night and only took 20 minute afternoon naps. Presley didn't like sleeping in his bassinet, in the car seat or especially in the hand-me-down crib. He was fussy, gassy, and not so easy going.

There was finally light at the end of the tunnel when I discovered how to get Presley to sleep through the night...a whopping 6 hours last night. I am now even able to put him down awake but drowsy and watch him fall asleep during his afternoon naps. The lovely, terry covered Boppy to the rescue. It must be the smell of Mommy's milk and plush feel that soothes him.

Here he is sound asleep at 7 weeks on the Boppy:

The major cutie & his Boppy just days ago:

Despite all the warnings about putting pillows and blankets in the bed, I had to take control of my life...to have some relief, just to have a good nights sleep. I caved in and let him have his Boppy in the bassinet. Here are the inseparable pair:

Presley's charming smile and adorable giggle has made up for all the sleepless nights. Transitioning him to his crib without the Boppy in a couple of weeks will be a struggle but for now I am sleeping, I am happy, and I will soon be back in bed with David.

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  1. I forgot about the magic of the boppy, I often used it to trick Ella into thinking she was still being held!

    You are doing great and looking fabulous, sweet dreams!


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