May 07, 2009


When I look at Truman and Presley, I see how big they are growing. Time is flying by and I must remember to slow down so that everything I say and do, counts and matters to them. I strive to create environments where they can acknowledge and take advantage of all the resources out there to help them become intelligent, well-rounded, and sophisticated little people. While Truman is only in preschool and Presley has only just started babbling, homeschooling in Reseda is already in. Take a look at how many academic subjects they have already been exposed to.

Dying and decorating eggs for Easter touched upon both art and science:

The educational outing at Kidspace Museum provided much exploration and discovery. We packed lunches and took time out to eat by their streaming waterfall:

By making a pepperoni and mushroom handmade pizza, I introduced the Math of measurement and ingredient interaction:

We even touched upon physics and gravity when Presley got his first lesson in Yo-Yo'ing:

Among many wishes for my children, by exposing them to a world of beauty and endless possibilities, my all-encompassing wish is they will dream be and do anything their hearts desire. I am here to support your over-the-top ideas, encourage your world-wind adventures, and nurture your unexplained talents - I love you, Mommy.

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