June 10, 2009

Check Out On Aisle Hui

Grocery shopping with the boys is one of my biggest stressors of the week. Once viewed as a treat is now just a weekly chore. No longer are the days of creating meals in my head as I shop or taking the time to read labels on new products. I usually stick to the shopping list because it eliminates doubling back and can save enormous amounts of time. The exception is great bargains or bulk item specials in the meat department.

There's a system to every chore. Grab a cart, wrap cart cover on for shot gun Truman, load Presley's car seat in the back, toss diaper bag and reusable bags underneath the cart, kids out of the car and finally we've made it in. The system is reversed on the way out except I'm usually in a panic hurrying home to make lunch for Truman before his nap and to nurse Presley before he has a meltdown in the car.

I love to cook so perhaps the inconvenience of it all out ways the final result served on the dinner table. This is a typical shot of the boys as we're leaving the market. I'm ready to unload and jet out. Sometimes I amaze myself how I fit all the essentials in the cart with the boys along side:

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