July 22, 2009

Big Boy Birthday

Truman just had his 3rd birthday at Pacific Park on the sunny Santa Monica Pier. It was a perfect party day on the ocean surrounded by family and close friends. He had a blast. I was so impressed how brave he was going on all the big boy rides some more than once. It's definitely been what I call "Big Boy" year. Here are some examples:

You're such a big boy drinking from a big boy cup and using a big boy fork and spoon.
You're such a big boy sleeping in a big boy bed.
You're such a big boy taking a shower like a big boy.
You're such a big boy using the big boy potty.
You're such a big boy getting a big boy haircut.
You're such a big boy eating in a big boy chair now.

The latest big boy video, "You're such a big boy swimming by yourself with big boy floaties."
We topped off the birthday weekend at Benihana where Truman had his first big boy teppanyaki birthday dinner..."You're such a big boy for using big boy chopsticks".

Happy Birthday my love...I'm so proud of you for all your big boy accomplishments.

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  1. Happy birthday Big Boy! you are doing so many great things, and I know you are being an excellent big brother too!


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