July 31, 2009

Full Set of Hair

When I was pregnant with Truman, picking out a pediatrician was one of the many preparations I made before his arrival. I'd be visiting this pediatrician every couple of weeks in Truman's first month and then every couple of months throughout his first year. Obviously, a convenient office location would make my life a little easier. But what I found out that no one told me was picking out a hairstylist was just as essential since I'd be making many trips to the salon.

Truman was not only born 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 21 inches long but he was blessed with a full mane of hair...dark, course, and spiky. Here he is at 8 weeks with his stylish mo hawk:

By 6 months of age, I hadn't found anyone to cut Truman's hair so we let Katrina, my hair dresser of like 8 years do his "First haircut":

He cried and was a bit squirmy. I decided it was time to find him a personal hair stylist of his own. I sought out a popular kids salon with toys and balloons, home movie theater, free games & cookies, and clever little haircutting chairs to ease him into making the transition. Then that hairstylist left after he grew so accustomed to German engineering:

Finally, I came across Carmen through referrals on a Mommy blog. Truman has built a great rapport with Carmen these last 2 years. He may not offer all the bells & whistles and fancy sports car chairs like the last kids salon. But what's important is Truman loves getting his haircut and always looks forward to see Carmen on his apt days. Now and then Carmen will spike his hair just like how he looked at 8 weeks old:

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  1. Liana wants to know if Truman is "a little nervous" when he gets a hair cut because "sometimes you might get a little nervous when you get a haircut because maybe you would worry that you might get a cut on your skin."


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