August 20, 2009

Best Buy of 2009

Kitchen appliances and gadgets are my drug of choice. I smile with delight when a gourmet cookware catalog appears in my mailbox. I applaud those who have invented deluxe appliances & nifty little cooking gadgets on their design, creativity, and innovation. Unfortunately, my eyes are always bigger than my pockets. But some how last Friday afternoon my pockets appeared bigger than my eyes. I convinced myself that this adorable counter top appliance was although overly priced and expensive yet a must-have, it was a have-to-have it necessity. Introducing France's Beaba Babycook:

My multitasking friend acts as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster to prepare fresh baby food for Presley. If I only had this 2 1/2 years ago for Truman I would have set aside my bulky stock pots & steamer baskets or sometimes heavy wok & racks. Oh, and au revoir mini food processor...merci beaucoup for all the puree spills on the counter.

My heart goes out to you French cookware designers. You make me salivate at the thought of your Le Creuset in all the glorious new colors. You make me want to make my coffee the French Press way.

Je t'adore French baby-food make my heart super happy. Bon Appetit Presley!

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  1. Feliciations Presley! Tu as une mere fantastique! J'espere que les legumes sont toujours delicieuse dans chez toix! - I'm out of french congrats, but I am impressed and in awe, Go Super Mama!


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