September 11, 2009

First Day Jitters Again

First Day jitters set in again just thinking about the separation anxiety I was going to have to endure and the mixed emotions I'll feel when I drop Truman off at school. Waiting all Summer for school to start to have more Mommy time, Presley time, and time to complete my weekly to-do list, this day came much too soon. I couldn't sleep all night thinking about Truman's first day of school. Unfortunately, the sun rose and the First Day began:

Truman started the day off with a hearty breakfast, oatmeal and toast:

I loaded him up with plenty of fiber to avoid going #2 at school. Success...a healthy bowel movement before we left the house. David came along for the big day drop off:

So, I left him in his new Green Room with a final send off of kisses and telling him how proud I was of him. I turned my back and walked away secretly wishing to hear his little feet come running or his little voice come calling me but there was none. I shed some tears outside his class room and peaked one last time at him through the window...still happy and playing with his new toys and new friends.

I missed him all morning and couldn't wait to hear how his day went. He was in the middle of storytime when I arrived at school:

Truman finally saw me, ran into my arms, and told me he missed me so much to never leave him again. Wishful thinking, it was more liked he walked into my arms and told me, "school was so fun."

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